Diesel pumps

Diesel pumps


In-line injection pump

The in-line injection pump has the same number of pumping sections as the number of engine cylinders. It consists of: a regulator, a clock and a supply pump mounted on the body. It is mainly used for construction machines as well as medium and large trucks.

Rotary injection pump

The electronic control system of this type of pump consists of various sensors, an electronic control unit (ECU) and an actuator. Signals are sent to the Ecu by sensors that detect the engine's operating status. The actuator controls the size and injection time based on the ECU signals which calculates the corresponding values.

Distributor injection pump

The distributor injection pump has a distributor that transfers the compressed fuel, according to the order of injection, to each of the cylinders, and therefore has only one delivery section, regardless of the number of cylinders. All parts are designed within the pump housing. This type of pump, due to its dimensions, is ideal for small engines.

Common Rail pump

The pump, e.g. BOSCH has 3 pumping sections. The fuel flow adjustment takes place on the high pressure side. Part of the compressed fuel is directed by opening the high pressure valve back to the tank. The maximum pressure is 135 MPa.

We remanufacture

Common Rail Bosch

CP1 ,CP3, CP4 (CP4S1, CP4S2, CP4HS1, CP4HS2, CP4N1, CP4N2)

Common Rail Delphi

Common Rail Siemens VDO Continental

Common Rail Denso

Distributor injection pump

Bosch VP29, VP30, VP37, VP44

What are the signs of damaged diesel pumps?

What does the reconditioning process look like?

Delivery of diesel pump to remanufacture or test

Ultrasonic cleaning

Replacement of worn components (after very accurate analysis by means of a specialised microscope )

adjustment of assembled parts and testing

Shipment of remanufactured diesel pump

Why it’s worth remanufacturing?

Increased engine power

Restoring factory values ensures that the vehicle engine regains its original power

Reduced consumption

Damaged components in a given vehicle can have a real impact, leading to significantly higher fuel consumption.

Bigger savings

Purchasing new parts can cost up to 2-5 times more!

Free delivery

Delivery in Poland is always free.

What are the signs of damaged injectors, injection pumps or turbochargers?

Difficulties with starting

Black or white exhaust smoke

No reaction from the accelerator pedal

Increased fuel consumption

Louder operation of components

Why it’s worth remanufacturing with us?

Satisfied customers
Years of experience
Months of warranty

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