Injectors and unit injectors


The operating principle of the Common Rail system

The fuel pump, situated in the fuel tank, pumps diesel into the high pressure pump which is cleaned by the fuel filter.

It generates high pressure while still pumping diesel into the Common Rail. It distributes the diesel to the injectors which receives the fuel at a very high pressure.

The computerised control unit, with which it is directly connected, manages the duration and moment at which the injectors open.

We remanufacture

Common Rail Bosch

Common Rail Delphi

Common Rail Siemens VDO Continental

Common Rail Denso

Bosch unit pumps (PLD/UPS)

What does the remanufacturing process look like?

The disassembly of the injector and the cleaning of the all its components in high temperature ultrasonic washers

Spraying test

Injector electronic circuit test

Injector leak test

Testing the opening pressure by means of a control signal

Test of injection doses and the transfer of the total load range

Injector response time test

After each completed test, we provide a report containing accurate results.

Why it’s worth remanufacturing?

Increased engine power

Restoring factory values ensures that the vehicle engine regains its original power

Reduced consumption

Damaged components in a given vehicle can have a real impact, leading to significantly higher fuel consumption.

Bigger savings

Purchasing new parts can cost up to 2-5 times more!

Free delivery

Delivery in Poland is always free.

What are the signs of damaged injectors, injection pumps or turbochargers?

Difficulties with starting

Black or white exhaust smoke

No reaction from the accelerator pedal

Increased fuel consumption

Louder operation of components

Why it’s worth remanufacturing with us?

Satisfied customers
Years of experience
Months of warranty

Trust our experience, fill in the Order Card and send us the damaged part to the address provided on the card.

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