Principle of turbocharger operation

The turbine is driven by the exhaust gas of the internal combustion engine, which flows through the turbine rotor and continues to be expelled through the exhaust system. The turbine wheel, which is housed inside, is driven by the flow of the exhaust gas and creates rotary motion. This, in turn, compresses the air that flows through the intake and filter.

As in the case of most new cars, the air is then directed to the intercooler in which the hot air, heated by the compression, is cooled again before entering the combustion chamber.

What does the turbine reconditioning process look like?

Initial validation

Disassembly of the turbocharger into small parts

Damage assessment by means of a specialised microscope

Initial pricing for turbocharger repair

At this point, we call and inform you of the repair cost

Turbine remanufature

Ultrasonic cleaning of Turbocharger parts

Replacement of turbocharger parts subject to operation (bearings, sealing rings and parts of the rotating system which have been damaged

Rotating parts are weighed by a balancing machine from Schenck, a reputable German company. This measurement allows the reduction of all harmonic vibrations

Calibration of a variable geometry turbocharger system or of the bleeder valve based on a dynamic flow test

Characteristics of turbocharger compression after repair at the flow station

Appropriate preparation of the turbine for installation in the vehicle

Delivery or receipt of a turbocharger

We provide a repaired and refurbished turbocharger with a 24-month warranty

Shipment of turbochargers – Free

The most common causes of damage to the turbocharger

Engine oil pressure too high

Damaged exhaust gas recirculation

Use of unsuitable oil

Faults in the fuel supply system

Why it’s worth remanufacturing?

Increased engine power

Restoring factory values ensures that the vehicle engine regains its original power

Reduced consumption

Damaged components in a given vehicle can have a real impact, leading to significantly higher fuel consumption.

Bigger savings

Purchasing new parts can cost up to 2-5 times more!

Free delivery

Delivery in Poland is always free.

What are the signs of damaged injectors, injection pumps or turbochargers?

Difficulties with starting

Black or white exhaust smoke

No reaction from the accelerator pedal

Increased fuel consumption

Louder operation of components

Why it’s worth remanufacturing with us?

Satisfied customers
Years of experience
Months of warranty

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